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Message to Suffolk County Legislature

The New York Veteran Owned Business Association (NYVOBA) supports a dual 6% set aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs) as well as Non Service Connected Veterans who own businesses.  Government Contracts and Requests for Procurements have been an excellent opportunity to welcome our Veterans home, however, it is currently reserved for Service Disabled Veterans who own businesses.  The ability to pass legislation in Suffolk County truly makes it a Veteran Destination and shows America that we will always remember.  As we think about the Veterans that served between Vietnam and The Global War on Terror, there are a lot of Veterans that opted to serve this nation and fortunately were discharged after their service with no service connected disabilities.  As we look at today’s landscape, while volatile, there may be a long duration in time that service members are getting discharged with no service connected disabilities.  While that is a blessing, we should still remember their sacrifice. 

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